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i think ppl should draw smooches more because basically if you can draw a heart you can draw a KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

i mean these are simple smooch poses but… they are so fun 2 do *_*



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House Targaryen - Alexander McQueen Pre-fall 2013 - submitted by facina-oris
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Cersei Lannister - Dilek Hanif Haute Couture fall 2014
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Piggy Amigurumi – Princess P Free Crochet Pattern
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Still a fav
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Braided Crochet Scarf. FREE pattern HERE (h/t Rookie Crafter)
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Bunny Crocheting TUTby Si3art
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DIY 9 Kinit and Crochet Baby Animal Free Patterns from Ravelry. Sign up at Ravelry for free and pay patterns and you can sort patterns in anyway imagineable.
Baby Hedgehogs by Kati Galusz
Newbon Guinea Pig by Kati Galusz
Tiny Baby Bunnies by Anna Hrachovec
Chichester the Pig by Helen Apocalypse
The Parlor Cat by Sara Elizabeth Kellner Don’t have a cat sitting in your window? Make one.
Baby Flamingo by Susan Anderson
Mini Alien by Barbara Prime.
Fair Isle Baby Mice by Janet McMahon 
Hamsterbeans by Emily Stoneking.
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DIY Crochet Shark Pouch by Tamara Kelly on Ravelry. People who made this pattern overwhelmingly “loved it”.You have to sign up for Ravelry but it is easy to do and so worth it. Top and Bottom Left Photos: DIY by Tamara Kelly. Bottom Right Photo: DIY by thiswaythatway here. She added red felt to the mouth. In honor of shark week starting August 10th, 2014.
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BESTie - U Ji